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GOJAUS ATGAIVA is a homestead located on the bank of the river Nevezis. It is a great escape for the people who would like to relax from a tiring intense life and city bustle, and enjoy nature, silence and peace. The area of the recreation place is about 6.5ha and it has a 200-metre boundary with the river. In this area, there is a 40-acre lake for swimming and other kinds of entertainment. Also, there are guest houses and houses for various events, as well as a bathhouse, a hot tub, outdoor playground, and many more. 800 metres away from the homestead, there hangs a monkey bridge which will take you to mixed woods – Krekenava Regional Park. This park is plentiful of huge oak trees. Also, there are 3 small lakes about 1 km away from the homestead where both children and adults can enjoy swimming.Besides, there are numerous places of interest just a few kilometres away from the homestead.

Services / Price

Homestead GOJAUS ATGAIVA is located in Gojus village. The village of few houses is situated in the North of Kedainiai District, 17 kilometres away from Kedainiai city and 2 kilometres to the South of Surviliskis village, on the right bank of the river Nevezis.

Homestead GOJAUS ATGAIVA offers you to:

    Go canoeing
    Swim or dive in the river Nevezis
    Indulge in the pleasures of a bathhouse and a hot tub
    Try out a massage bed Nugabest
    Be driven with jeeps
    Play volleyball, bounce on a trampoline, and play various outdoor games
    Celebrate weddings, birthdays and other events in a banquet hall
    Conduct psychotherapy and other groups, organize seminars and conferences
    Enjoy nature and visit nearest places of interest    

    Krekenava Regional Park
    Krekenava Observation Tower
    Visitor Centre and Museum of Krekenava Regional Park
    Pasiliai Bison Paddock
    Kalnaberze and Sirutiskis Mansions
    Vaidatonys, Lomeikiskes, Kalnaberze, and Bakainiai Mounds
    Surviliskis and Paberze Churches, Sventybrastis Church of the Transfiguration
    Places of interest in Kėdainiai city    

The price depends on the selected services. Please call us at +37065622020


Canoe is the most popular means of water tourism, and the surrounding nature is the most attractive environment to have a great rest and get your energy back.
Canoeing requires no special training or physical fitness. Age is not limited as well. We offer you comfortable, stable and manoeuvrable canoes, as well as safe and high-quality inventory. We will take you to the beginning of the route by our cars and will care for your vehicles while you enjoy canoeing.
Just book our canoes and indulge in unforgettable memories!
The length of the track is selected upon your preferences. You may also choose several day trips.

For more information, please call us at +370 656 22020, +370 699 24963.
Possible routes: Krekenava – Gojus / Gojus – Kedainiai


Address: Gojus village, Surviliskis eldership, Kedainiai district
Telephone: +370 65622020; +370 69924963;
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TURN TO GOJUS VILLAGE – a road sign 2 km
from Kedainiai to the right 15.1 km
from Panevezys to the left 42.9 km

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